Foundation program has become necessary in this competitive environment not only to make an early start but to help students to find career interest.
This program for class 8th to 10th students support in identifying the right aptitude of a child at the right time enhanced interests in various subjects help them in various national or international exams like olympiads/NTSE/KVPY/IIT-JEE/AIIMS.
Early preparation enhances the thinking level, improve problem solving aptitude, knowledge level of a student. Our program goes further by improving visualization of subjects like maths and science through various working models.
Deep knowledge or clarity of basic concepts of any subject makes a student realise his/her potential areas of interest by which he/she is comfortable in taking the decision of a big question “What after 10th?”.
Students needs to be trained in each topic and each subject via regular assessments and constant practices which makes them excel not only in their school curriculum but also help in building a stepping stone for the competition ahead in their life.

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